Jenni, author of the lifestyle blog
This is Jenni! Author of this lifestyle blog!

Lifestyle Blog Posts

This is a general healthy lifestyle blog. You will find a variety of posts here. Some will be for my weight loss. Others will be about my medical journey and trying to be healthier so my medical issues don’t take quite such a horrific toll on my body. I will also have recipes. My recipes will be a bit different than most blog’s recipes though. I’m not going to tell you a story about my grandma’s hairdresser’s cousin’s ex-husband and how he brought the recipe over from Italy…or whatever. I’ll give you the recipe, some variations if there are any, and the directions on how to make it. I’m a pretty straightforward, no bullshit kind of gal, so this website will be the same.

I have every intention of keeping my blog posts up-to-date, but when you have a lot of different balls in the air, and you have medical issues, sometimes one of those balls falls to the ground. If you haven’t heard from me in a bit, check Instagram. I’ve probably posted something there that will explain my absence.

Speaking of social media, there are several links at the bottom of the page where you can follow me on social media. I’ll always post on Instagram that I have new recipes, or whatever, posted. That’s probably the best way to keep up with me!

So there you have it. This blog in a nutshell. Keep an eye out for new posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I look forward to sharing my journey with you and teaching you some new healthy recipes that you can make for yourself, and your family!